Athlete Rides - The Cars of Sports Celebrities

Darren McFadden’s Purple Thing

Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden has this crazy purple and green Buick Centurion, with 32” wheels.

It looks like something Barney the Dinosaur would drive.

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Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s Enormous Truck

NBA journeyman Chris Andersen recently signed with the Miami Heat. Here is his huge Dodge truck. Does he use it to deliver cocaine? I’ll let you be the judge of that.


Here it is with a person in front of it for you to get a full perspective:


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Andrew Bynum’s Ferrari

Andrew Bynum is a huge pain in the ass, but he’s got a cool car.


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Roy Halladay’s hot rod

Roy Halladay showed up to spring training in this classic car:

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Really old photo of Jason Kidd and a car

Presented without commentary:

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Kobe’s new Ferrari

A couple months ago, we showed you Kobe’s Lamborghini Aventador. Just recently, he added this red Ferrari Italia 458 to his collection. Reported price tag: $329,000. (photo via yfrog)

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Dwyane Wade’s blue Escalade

I think these photos are pretty old, but they are awesome. Here’s Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and his bright blue Cadillac Escalade:

I found a few of these on this crazy Chinese site. The last one seems really strange.

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Kobe’s black Lamborghini Aventador

The Black Mamba just dished out $75 million to his ex-wife Vanessa, but the divorce didn’t stop him from showing up to the Staples Center in this flat black Lamborghini Aventador. 

Estimated price on this ride: about $380,000. Chump change for a guy who makes $21 million a year from basketball alone.

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Dwight Howard’s black Porsche Panamera

To honor the end of the NBA lockout, we’re bringing you a week full of NBA cars. Check out Dwight Howard’s black Porsche Panamera:

This particular Panamera was also the subject of some of Magic teammate Gilbert Arenas’ planking escapades:

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Al Harrington’s Rolls Royce Phantom

These Rolls Royce Phantoms appear to be pretty popular among pro basketball players (we showed you Shaq’s similar ride a few weeks ago). Here are a few photo’s of Denver Nugget’s center Al Harrington’s Phantom:

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